Warranty Info

How long is the warranty period of the Inkclaw products?

The tattoo machines of the Inkclaw come with a warranty of 12 months. Phoenix tattoo battery grips and Inkclaw C-charged wireless tattoo power tube have a warranty of 6 months. We do not have a warranty for needle cartridges and traditional tattoo grips. Also, normal battery decay will not be taken into consideration. The warranty applies to start with the date of purchase.

The One-Year and six-month warranty is voided if you:
- Overlubed your machine
- Dropped your machine, battery tube, and battery grips
- Tampered with the motor
- Replaced parts on your 
- Sank your machine into water or other liquid 

How to return equipment for repair or replacement?

General Service: [email protected]

Contact Number:  +86 18559107107(Text/Whatsapp)

Repair&Return Address: Room321, 3th Floor, No.C Building Wangxunzhihuizhongxin, Kejidong Road, GaoXin District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China 

Before sending, please get in touch with our customer service for more detailed information.