Influencer & Product Reviewer

Since 2021, Inkclaw has received a lot of product reviews or influencer cooperation requests, and obviously, I can not reply to every single request in time. Inkclaw kindly asks for your understanding. Inkclaw will keep looking for social media influencers, tiktokers, Youtubers, etc. Moreover, if you have multilanguage skills that will really help a lot. Currently, Inkclaw already has some English and Spanish speaking influencers, and we are looking for some other language speakers, e.g. Germany, Dutch, French, Italian, etc.

What does Inkclaw offer?

Inkclaw will offer every new product for your to-do reviews or unboxing.

What does Inkclaw require?

You need to have a certain amount of followers/fans through social platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, VK, or good your local connections in tattoo events, local tattoo shops, etc. Because the main idea of this program is to let more people know about Inkclaw. And we do accept both positive feedback and some good advice to improve the product quality. "Listen to customers' needs'' will always be the core idea of Inkclaw. And of course, you might need to have the ability to take some pictures, and videos to give Inkclaw feedback.  There are some good examples:

If want to review some products please contact [email protected] or find us at Instagram!