New Important Announcement

Important announcement

2023 Chinese Oct National Day Holiday

We are having Moon Cake Festival and National Day Holiday from 29th Sep till 5th Oct, orders in this period will be shipped out from 5th Oct, if you have any concerns please contact customer service.

2023 Chinese New Year Vacation

Firstly, happy new year, and wish Inkclaw customers and friends all the best. The Inkclaw team will be in the traditional Chinese Spring Festival ( Chinese new year) from 19th Jan till  27th Jan. During this period there is no shipping company operating, therefore, all the orders will be sent out after 27th Jan, an apologies for all the inconvenience, and meanwhile, express shipment will be recovered after 1st Feb. Customer service will be responsible and reply email around 48-72 hours.






System updating &  ongoing Covid-Omicron Effects

Updated 10th April 2022

Dear Mr/Ms friends customers, sorry for all the inconvenience, my city just got unblocked, so Inkclaw online store is back to normal operating status. During the quarantine period, I have updated the online store system, and it is still in updating, hence there might cause some inconvenience as follow:

  • 1. Unable to Log in to your account. You can create a new one or wait for the database transmission 
  • 2. Can not track history orders, I still have access to the history database so you can send an email to service@inkclaw to request checking 
  • 3. Did not receive your recent orders. please contact customer service
  • 4. The affiliate program system has been changed too please visit the affiliate program page, and create a new account, you can still use the previous discount code.

Ongoing effects of covid-omicron still exist, which might lead to some delays and inconveniences as follow:

  1.  Most of the products are in stock, but still some will be sold out soon e.g. battery grip, challenger machine, c-charge battery pack and the re-patch or reservation time will prolong from 2weeks to 3-4 weeks, and inkclaw will always send out orders by order number. 
  2. Please expected a longer shipping time due to the decline of international flights number, even fast-expressed shipping like DHL, FedEx, and UPS are required for extra waiting time, used to be 3-5days, now I believe 7-9days. Main delays happen during the flight waiting and custom clearance process. 
  3. Normal order leading time will be 3-5 business days I still need to do covid-test every day, otherwise, I can't go into a public place like working buildings.

Thanks for all the support, tolerance, and understanding, respect from Inkclaw






The outbreak of Covid-Omicron became heavy here

Update 21th Mar 2022

Dear Mr/Ms customers, due to the heavy situation of the outbreak of the covid-Omicron, Inkclaw will not be allowed to operate as usual. All of our team members are asked to self-quarantine at home and doing covid-test daily based for about 7-14days, approximately 10 days. We will not be able to process any order from tomorrow. all the current orders will be fixed today, and Inkclaw will close all the purchase channel till lock-down finish. Because not only we are not allowed to work, but also our factories, logistics channel, as well as delivery companies are temporarily closed too, sorry for all the inconvenience. 

Traditional Chinese New Year Vacation
 Update 30th Jan

Dear Mr/Ms Customers, due to Chinese New Year from 30th Jan till 15th Feb, Inkclaw will be in vacation mode, and all the international shipping company, especially the fast express like DHL, Fedex will stop till 8th Feb. So, we are not able to send out any express order till 8th Feb, meanwhile, customer service will be slowly responsed till 8th Feb as well. Moreover, some of products will not be back to stock untill 15th Feb, because all the factories open at 15th Feb, so i will do my best to recover products in after that time. Let me know if you have any concerns.

New update with the emergence of Omicron
 Update 10th Dec

Dear Mr/Ms Customers, due to Emergence of Omicron On November 24, 2021, a new variant of SARS-CoV-2, B.1.1.529, was reported to the World Health Organization (WHO). This new variant was first detected in specimens collected on November 11, 2021 in Botswana and on November 14, 2021 in South Africa. The effects might mostly happens to shipping, which means, all the shipping might take longer than expected. So if you wish to receive your products before some certain date, please contact us before purchasing. Inkclaw as a small supplier does not have any control on shipping speed and custom clearance of any countries. What Inkclaw could do only will be shipping out your orders as soon as possible, if you really need something in hurry, we might not make it happen. And last but not least, keep safe and stay healthy, Inkclaw appreciate all your guys supports!

Update 25th Oct Inkclaw

Sorry for all the late reply, Inkclaw just got unblock from Covid-Delta outbreak issue, and we are gradual return to normal operation. We are now working full speed on fixing all the delayed orders.

  • First priority 35/39/49RM at assembling, and all delayed orders will be fixed within 1-2 weeks, big mags are extremely hard to make, and assembling allows almost 0 error, 1 small mistake the whole thing wasted so, yeah the production speed is not that fast as regular configurations.
  • 1003RLx4 cartridges & Bar already on transportation to warehouse and will be sent out begining of next week 
  • 45/111RS in transportation, and all the delayed will be all sent out late this week till the begining of next week
  • 0803RLx4 & 0803RLx6 will be fixed next week but around thursday or friday
  • 1003RLx5 is in assembling process and will be sent out this weekend or at beginning of next week.
  • the rest 3RLx5 series cartridges, bar needles so as well 1403RLx3x4x5x6 still need to wait a bit, and again sorry for the delay


Update 8th Oct Inkclaw

Firstly, sorry for all the late reply to all the emails and DMs of all the social platforme, due to the (1st-7th) Oct China national day holiday and under lockdown of Covid-Delta situation. And we have just received the newest announcement from government,  the lockdown will be full closed next week, which means, Inkclaw will be proper functioning from next week, all the remaining orders of challenger, big magnums cartridges, x5 x6 cartridges will be sent out one by one from next week, if you have further concerns, or want to have the refund instead, please contact [email protected]. and again appology for all the inconvinience.

Update-26th Sep Inkclaw

Firstly, due to the huge impact leads by the Covid-Delta outbreak in my province and cities nearby, sorry for the late reply and really long time waiting. there are only 5 new cases reported today, so Inkclaw will be expected to properly functioning after China national day holiday (1st-7th Oct), all the remaining machines' orders including "fa" and "challenger" will be sent out immediately. And again apology for the long time waiting.
Secondly, all the special needle groups are currently unable to order, due to the factories of the special cartridges and needle groups are located in the covid-outbreak center Xiamen, Fujian, but which will also be expected to re-propper functioning in between 8-14th Oct. Since the daily reported Delta cases are hugely decreased from 100+cases to 10+ cases. So in a short time, this Covid-Delta outbreak will be controlled. And the "own orders" will be sent out as soon as possible once factories can start working. And probably the order window for the special cartridges group and needle groups will be re-open at the end of Oct, if you do not want to wait your current order, please contact [email protected], or through DMs on Instagram, Facebook. I will respond, and send your refund asap.
Last but not least, Inkclaw and I really appreciate your all patience and huge support. Without your support, Inkclaw can not grow like this fast, and I will develop more and more good products. Inkclaw hears your needs and requirements. If you still have concerns please don't hesitate to let me know.