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Inkclaw Tattoo Supply

Established in 2021 in China, Our key driver at Inkclaw is to "Listen to your needs''. After all, why put this much effort into design and innovation if there is no demand?Moreover, tattoo artists have a deep understanding of the pain points of the tattoo equipment. That is why we are always keen to receive your feedback on our current products, products you would like to see brought to market, and general improvements.  


Who We Are

In the past decade, Inkclaw holds a leading position in China's domestic tattoo supplies market. Since 2020, Inkclaw has been modifying and producing innovative and professional tattoo equipment and accessories in China, according to the highest medical and industrial standards. In recent years, "Made in China" is gradually recognized by worldwide consumers, as the highest price-quality ratio tattoo supply products. Therefore in 2021, we decide to offer you a wide range of novelty and reliable tattoo equipment together with our innovative tattoo supplies and products to the global tattoo supply market. Last but not least, for every tattoo machine and tattoo pen machine, tattoo battery grip, wireless tattoo power supply, and tattoo needle cartridges outfit designed by Inkclaw we have all the patent rights in over US, UK, AU, NZ, EU, CA, and so on 

Mission and Vission

Mission:  In 2021, Inkclaw created the first wireless battery grip Phoenix 1.0 with the idea of a " Single hand-controlled system" and an ''easy to use'' concept. Inkclaw is eager to solve the "pain points" for tattoo artists with our innovative tattoo equipment and supplies. 

Vission: Inkclaw will always consist of developing professional, innovative, easy-to-use, and the highest price-quality ratio tattoo supplies for worldwide tattoo artists and lovers. 

What does Inkclaw Sell

Inkclaw offers a wide range of innovative and high-quality tattoo supplies like wireless tattoo battery grips, all-in-one tattoo machines, wireless tattoo power supplies, tattoo needles as well as tattoo cartridges. 

You can email us with your questions, comments, or concerns at any time.

General Service: [email protected]

Contact Number:  +86 18559107107(Text/Whatsapp)

Repair&Return Address: Room321, 3th Floor, No.C Building Wangxunzhihuizhongxin, Kejidong Road, GaoXin District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China 

Company Address: FLAT/RM A 12/F ZJ 300, 300 LOCKHART ROAD, WAN CHAI, Hongkong