Inkclaw Referral | Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Inkclaw Referral | Affiliate Program

Inkclaw start to use the new referral system, for the existing affiliates, your guys can contact me directly, and I can generate the same coupon code you are using at the moment. 

The main purpose of the affiliate program is to expand the brand awareness of Inkclaw, as you might know, Inkclaw is still a pretty new brand in the worldwide tattoo market (Year 2021). Hence Inkclaw is looking for affiliates from different countries, social platform channels, etc.

How does it work?

Inkclaw will issue a personalized coupon code to you (for example, YOURID15, or anything you like) which you can use to promote purchasing Inkclaw tattoo products on our website. You can share your discount code or link via all your social media channels. Your friends, fans, or followers will get 15% OFF of his order. You’ll get the 10% of the products he or she purchased (excluding shipping cost and tax from total payment). This means you get a 10% commission on each sale that comes in with your coupon code. Your monthly commission will be calculated at the end of each month. And your commission will be paid through Paypal, so you need to have a Paypal account first.

How does this sound to you?

The referral process is super easy. All you need to do is sign up, grab your coupon code and share that with your audience! There is some information that I might need from you when you apply for the referral program. 

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