Inkclaw Pro Artists Team & Sponsorship

Setting up a pro artists team and sponsoring the artist's program will be one of the main tasks in the Inkclaw development strategy in 2022. Currently, Inkclaw does not have a team set up yet, but Inkclaw is committed to seeking more tattoo artists around the world to try and use Inkclaw series products. Inkclaw will build up a special public page and put all the information about individual artists and pro team members. Soon!!

How can I become an Inkclaw sponsored artist?

We get approached for sponsorships every day from artists from all around the world. Because of that, it is not possible for Inkclaw to answer every request individually. We kindly ask for your understanding. The best way to get Inkclaw attention is to use the hashtag #inkclaw #inkclawtattoo #inkclawtattoo supply for your posts on social media. Inkclaw is following that hashtag and we are always curious to see interesting works that have been created with our products.

The same goes for the Pro team, if you have previous experience being on another pro team, please let Inkclaw know, what you expect from Inkclaw, and do not forget to send us some of your information and work!