Our Story



It was in 2001 that for the first time I saw a man in prison with a colorful tattoo on the back of his neck, an amazing orange-red gradient sun pattern. And I fell in love with tattoos. After being released from prison, I looked for tattoo shops to learn skills from teachers. But at that time, there were very few tattoo shops in China, and the shops did not accept apprentices. What I found was a shop selling tattoo machines and I left the shop with an old-fashioned coil winding machine in hand. Since then I started to teach myself and used pig skin to practice every day, and then my friends around me.


In 2003 I opened my first tattoo shop. After that, I communicated with many tattoo artists at home and abroad, and participated in many tattoo exhibitions, large and small. Later, I trained lots of apprentices, who all have their own tattoo shops now. When the motor machine entered the domestic market in 2013, I began to study the performance parameters of the motor machine, which gave me the idea of creating a tattoo machine. At first I collected some accessories and shells and assembled the first slider motor machine by myself. Then I began to study the motor data day and night. That is how I became a motor machine developer. Every year there will be one to two new models created. Building a machine is like building a car.


It is very interesting and gives me a sense of achievement. So I started to make motor machines with different structures until the wireless motor machine turned out in 2018. It changes the power supply, pedals, and patch cords that always fetter the tattoo artist. Not soon I found that there was a drawback of wireless motor machines. When holding the machine in hand with the power button on the top of the machine, we cannot tattoo and control the power button at the same time with one hand. Another hand will be used to switch the power button, so I decided to design a smart power bank tattoo grip. After one year, it was developed successfully! This is a brand new reform, which has changed the working habits of tattoo artists, and it is more convenient and easier to use! I asked myself... Is this the end? No! This is just a new beginning! The new epoch of smart power bank tattoo grip, and "Single hand-controlled system" system have come!